rob fordRob Ford, the current and maybe-soon-to-be-ex Mayor of Toronto is such an easy target for this blog. In fact, I have several Rob Ford anecdotes lined up for the next couple weeks. But an article over the weekend caught my eye, when it compared how Rob Ford deals with media versus how Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, England deals with the UK media. Needless to say, Mr. Ford didn’t come off very well.

The column by Marcus Gee of the Globe and Mail notes that Mr. Johnson was grilled recently by a BBC journalist, who tried to get him riled up.

As Mr. Johnson smiled uncomfortably and looked at the floor, Mr. Mair accused him of “making up quotes, lying to your party leader, wanting to be part of someone being physically assaulted – you’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?”

getimage.aspxAnd did Johnson have a hissy fit when attacked like that, as we might expect from Toronto’s mayor? Hardly. With a stiff British upper lip,

“he merely said, rather mildly for him, that “all three things I would dispute” and that Mr. Mair was not being “wholly fair.” Later, when reporters asked him whether he felt burned, he replied: “Some people say Eddie Mair was too hard on me. You cannot be too hard on politicians. It is the function of BBC journalists to bash up politicians, particularly people like me.” He added: “Fair play to Eddie, he landed a good one.”

Are you listening, Mayor Ford? The reporter was doing his job, and the mayor, while disagreeing, did his in a dignified, polite manner.

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