Poor Durex, the famous condom manufacturer. Here’s a cautious tale out of South Africa about them. One tweet and they had egg on their faces (I’m going to try and avoid bad condom-types puns in this blog post — wish me luck!!).


Someone told a young Durex employee in South Africa that it would be okay to make up their own tweets and blast them out via social media. Mistake #1, giving the 20-something control of social media.  Mistake #2, assuming one tweet wouldn’t really matter. Boy, did it matter to Durex. Here’s the tweet:


Of course the twitterverse rose up in outrage over this misogynistic comment. And then the same twitter account out of South Africa tried to defend itself, saying it was just a joke. And then more bad-taste (ooh, where did your mind just go?!) jokes were posted. Eventually Durex corporate stepped in and removed the offensive tweets and apologized. But the damage was already done.

A South African blogger seems to have summed up the problem nicely, saying it seems that the PR company responsible for managing Durex’s tweets may have

“placed a young tweeter at the helm of their twitter account and this is a problem many companies face. Placing someone you think will translate your brand at the level at which you are trying to target is a good idea. Having no-one monitor it is a mistake. Young, mid-life or old – we all need moderation.”

Well that was a cock up, wasn’t it?

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