Ah, Abercrombie and Fitch, don’t you know the internet is forever?

Abercrombie+&+Fitch+picLast week, the interweb was alive with buzz that Abercrombie and Fitch, the retailer for “cool kids,” didn’t want fat or ugly people to wear their clothes. Were they unjustly targeted? No, it seems their CEO actually said that, and its true they don’t sell X-tra large clothes for women (but ironically they do for men, it seems). But that was all old news, as in reported back in 2006.

Ah, but then an industry analyst gave an interview this month pointing out these fact, and suddenly social media sprung to life with retweets, reddit comments, tumbler posts, etc. talking about what a “scumbag” A&F’s CEO is.

As the Globe and Mail reported, this situation shows how a story can find new life in a social media age. Even when there is s nothing new about how many people think the retailer’s  standards of beauty are, one comment from an analyst can stir things up and bring a social media storm in an era when everyone is a commentator on social media.